Safety First

Safety is Mammoet's Number 1 Priority. We are committed to bringing our crews home  safely at the end of each day

Mammoet is proud of our reputation as the industry leader in safety, and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our approach to safety comes from within. Leadership within the company is focused on modelling safe behaviors to inspire our professionals. By working closely with our customers and contractors, we raise the standards of safety on a work site, providing knowledge and training so our partners can also apply safer ways of working.

Combined with training, development and continual engagement, our professionals know exactly what is expected from them.  Our customers trust that by partnering with Mammoet, they are working with a team who strives for the highest safety standards possible.

Mammoet Safety Construction

Mammoet’s approach to safety has led to safety records that stand out as the best in the industry

AAC and ATS for the NCCER / Mammoet Academy

The Mammoet Academy is our central training facility offering formal instruction and practical training to everyone in the company. Here, our people develop their professional competency and skillsets through classroom teachings, digital learning and on-the-job training. Safety is the number one topic on the agenda.


This culture provides a uniform way of working across the globe. No matter where we are in the world, our people apply the same high standards when it comes to SHE-Q (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality) related issues, and the same values guide their actions. In addition, Mammoet subsidiaries in different regions of the world adapt the worldwide Mammoet Training Standard to satisfy local rules and regulations.

Mammoet USA is an Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) and an Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) for the National Center for Construction Education & Research. In addition to these accreditations, Mammoet is part of the board of subject matter experts for the crane and rigging industry to update the core curriculum which is currently being fulfilled with National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER). These accreditations, in conjunction with Mammoet’s participation in updating the curriculum for the NCCER training, allows Mammoet to offer NCCER rigging training to external applicants.