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Besides crane rental, our Gulf Coast Branches (Houston, Texas and Louisiana) offer a range of services from heavy transport. small rigging work and large maintenance and shutdown support.

This webpage focuses on our Mobile Crane Rental business. Additional details and reference projects about our activities can be found on the main webpage: www.mammoet.com

Mammoet Crane Rental Experts

We can provide equipment for hire by the hour or deliver a fully engineered service, including certified and experienced supervision and riggers. Our equipment is subject to Mammoet's meticulous maintenance regime and is regularly tested to exceed the highest standards.

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Heavy Transport Equipment

Conventional Trailers

Mammoet Truck
Transformer Transportation Services

Heavy load trailers are basically a frame consisting of a large number of axle lines with a high load bearing capacity – up to 40 tons per axle line. The trailers can often be connected with beams or coupled as modules to create larger trailers. These trailers require external propulsion, such as a truck, to move. Depending on the load several trucks may be required. To spread the load evenly across the axles a load spreading frame is often required to be placed between the structure and the trailer. The concept is simple and relatively cheap, it is ideal for long haul transportation over public roads. Mammoet has a versatile fleet of heavy trailers available for rental in Texas, Houston and in our Louisiana branches.

Platform Trailers / SPMT

SPMT Vessel Transport
SPMT Heavy Transport
Low Ground Bearing Pressure Solutions

One of these self-propelled trailers consists of different modules from 2, 4, 5 or 6 axle lines with a capacity of up to 36 tons per axle line. Each module can be fitted with its own engine and control (steering) system. The modules can be connected side-by-side and/or head-to-tail, to form large ‘platforms on wheels’. SPMTs have the possibility for 360 degree steering of the wheels. This allows carrousel or sideway movements. The SPMTs can adjust the deck height hydraulically by approximately 60 cm, enabling vertical lifting or lowering of the load. Due to their variety of combinations, they can lift and move nearly every heavy load component. These trailers are mainly used for onsite transportation over limited distances. Mammoet has a large fleet of SPMT's available for rental in Texas, Houston and in our Louisiana branches.

​Rigging Equipment Rental

Mammoet Rigging Chains

Rigging Chains

Mammoet Steel Supports

Temporary Supports

Heat Exchanger Replacement

Rigging Solutions

Mammoet Spreader Bar

Spreader Bars

Adjustable Hydraulic Slings

Adjustable Hydraulic Slings

The term rigging refers to refers to all cables, grommers, slings, chains, spreader beams, shackles etc. that are used to connect or fasten loads. Mammoet can supply all certified lifting and rigging equipment required for your job throughout the United States. 

Loadspreaders and Temporary Steel Supports Rental

Steel Temporary Supports Construction


Loadspreaders and Crane Mats

Load Spreaders / Crane mats

​Jack and Slide

Large Jack and Slide Systems

Bamboo Jacking Timbers Mammoet

Jacking System

Transformer Jacking

Jacking Transformer

Push-up System

Push-up System

Skidding Equipment

Jacking and Skidding Equipment

Another way to move loads is by sliding or skidding (both names cover the same basic principle). For skidding, a skidding track is required. This is a steel track fitted with Teflon blocks. On top of the blocks a skid-shoe or beam is placed inside the track which has a stainless steel bottom and a load carrying structure on top. Teflon and stainless steel combined with lubricant
have a very limited friction, allowing large loads to be moved with limited force. The skid shoe is fitted with a horizontal push – pull cylinder which can be locked into a pair of slots fitted to the sides of the skidding track. The cylinder expands (usually one meter) and the load moves along the track accordingly. Then the cylinder is unlocked, retracts and is locked into the next pair of slots. This system is simple and strong, however it has specific limitations. The skid tracks can only be fitted in a straight line which limits maneuverability. The weight of the load is directly transmitted to the skidshoe and the track beneath. Therefore the entire track requires load spreading or foundation, which adds cost.

Hydraulic Gantry

Hydraulic Gantry

Tailor made Solutions

Tailor-made Solutions


Rigging tanks Mammoet
Mammoet Ferrari

Specialty Forklifts (In-plant Ferrari)

Site Transport Solutions

(Tank Transport)


Mammoet has Strandjacks from 30T to 900T. A strand jack is a system similar to a jack, however in this case the load is not pushed up, but the jack pulls up a bundle of wires, which is called a strand. The system has two clamps: the bottom clamp is fixed and the upper clamp is connected to a hydraulic cylinder that can move up and down. Both clamps are gripping a steel wire. To start lifting the bottom clamp releases the wire and the top clamp is pushed up hydraulically whilst gripping the wire, which thus also moves up. Then the bottom clamp grips the wire, the top clamp is released and the hydraulic cylinder is retracted. Once fully retracted the top clamp grips the wire again and the bottom clamp is released. The load is lifted upwards by repetition of this sequence.

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