Book 150T Crawler Crane - Kobelco CKE1350G

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General Crane Description: 

The CKE 1350G is the perfect crane for the modern age. The CKE-G series crane has more efficient transport and accurate controls once on site with tolerances of half of an inch. 

This crane has a Capacity of 149 US Tons. 

Crawler Cranes require shipping several truckloads to the job-site, where the crane is to be assembled. Mammoet has a fleet of transport equipment for easy mobilization/demobilization.

Some crawler cranes can self assemble, however smaller assist cranes are typically used to assemble crawler cranes. (Mammoet has a fleet of AT cranes that are ideal for assisting in building crawler cranes.)

All of our Crawler Cranes up to 300 tons are available for O&M or Bare Rental.

Crane Specifications

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