Crane Configurator


  • Load charts used in the Crane Configurator are for reference and estimation only. 

  • The tool should not be used as a lift planning software. 

  • Please consult the crane chart based on the serial number of a crane for any lift planning purposes. 

  • Mammoet is not liable in connection with any information provided by the Crane Configurator.

  • Always consult a crane expert (competent person) for lifting advice or proper crane sizing.

  • Crane Configurator is only for bidding purposes.

What size of Crane do I need?

Use our in-house developed Crane Configurator to find out what size crane you need for your job. Our Crane Configurator includes a database with over 100 Mobile Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes and Crawler Cranes. Please contact Mammoet directly if the Crane Configurator does not give results

Find the right size crane in 5 steps

Step 1: 

Click on Start to start finding your Crane

Step 2: 

Enter the details of the item to be lifted​

Step 3: 

​Enter the details about the surroundings and obstacles

Step 4: 

Hit the scan button to start finding the right Crane 

Step 5: 

You will get up to three alternative Cranes that can do your lift

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